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Top Qualities in a Divorce Attorney: What California Residents Should Know

What makes a marriage last, and what causes it to end in divorce? Ask this question to a hundred people, and you are likely to get a hundred different answers. While the reasons spouses have for divorcing are varied and unique to their own circumstances, one thing is certain: When couples choose to divorce, employing the services of an experienced divorce attorney in their area is about as necessary as it gets.

In contemporary American society, we are taught to shop around for a good price, fair service, and reputable individuals and companies in a variety of industries. When it comes to divorce, however, many couples simply do not know what to look for in a quality legal professional.

While the State Bar of California licenses over 266,000 attorneys of which over 190,000 have active status, the reality is that not all of these attorneys are equal in terms of service, professionalism, and (most importantly) results for their clients. This is perhaps most true for divorce attorneys, whose range of experiences and success rate can vary significantly.

Sometimes the divorce process is smooth and mutually agreeable for couples. However, many times the process is tumultuous and spouses do not have as much time as desired to find a quality divorce attorney. Therefore, this article aims to provide some useful information for California residents regarding what to look for in a divorce attorney.

A Competent Communicator

While the ability to effectively communicate a point of view or argument is a marketable skill in any profession, when it comes to divorce attorneys it can impact the long-term livelihood of spouses. When it comes to negotiating critical items such as child support or spousal support amounts, property division, and child custody, a competent communicator is needed to fight for their client’s best interests.

Practical Expertise

Even the most seasoned and experienced divorce attorneys started their careers with a first case. While a freshly minted divorce attorney is not necessarily a red flag, it is important to be prepared to ask them questions about their experience in past cases, their success rate, and their legal philosophy.

Along these lines, one of the most overlooked traits in a good divorce attorney is confidence. No matter their current number of hours logged in the courtroom, experienced attorneys have the confidence needed to support their clients, backed by a sound knowledge of California’s divorce laws.

Resourcefulness and Support Network

It is rare to find a “lone wolf” divorce attorney. Most are parts of larger firms where a pool of experience, viewpoints, and legal philosophies can intermingle and grow from one another. Be mindful of the structure of the attorney’s firm. A strong support network enables your divorce attorney to maximize their utility as a professional.

California Family Law Attorneys

As previously stated, finding a quality divorce attorney in California can be an arduous process, but it does not have to be. For years, the attorneys at SAC Attorneys LLP have been working to support spouses in and around San Jose as they navigate the divorce process. Contact SAC Attorneys LLP today for guidance you can trust.

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