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Restraining Orders

Whether you have been served with a Restraining Order, or you want to someone restrained, we handle all aspects of Restraining Orders from preparing the most persuasive court documents, to handling the hearing before a judge. Restraining Orders can protect individuals from harm, but they can also be wielded in family law disputes to win custody and property battles. Some judges will freely grant them while others are highly skeptical of the need for such orders.

You need an experienced attorney to help advice you from the beginning how to handle your Restraining Order fight. Many of these legal battles are won on paper, so the preparation of your court documents and exhibits can often be more important than witness testimony before the judge.

Our firm will provide you with a free consultation, so you know if you have a good chance of winning or losing the fight, and you know the consequences.

Client Reviews
"Dennis is one of the best attorneys I have experienced. He is professional, honest and courteous. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a good business and family attorney!" J.Z.
"Dennis is an excellent attorney. He works with you, he is affordable. He also responds within 24 hours and keeps you updated on your case. I'm referring him to all my friends and family." C.C.
"Dennis is a fantastic attorney, he is very knowledgeable about family law and helped me so much!" P.C.